Abrams & Schmidt LLC

Welcome to Abrams & Schmidt LLC where we are committed to bringing a breath of fresh air to the legal profession.  Our philosophy is to provide creative, clear, and innovative legal services to our clients.  You will experience prompt, courteous, and exceptional service as we work closely with you to insure you understand all of your options and your interests are protected.

Our legal practice consists of two main areas of focus:

1)  Labor and employment law representation for public and private sector employers.

2) End-of-life planning and estate administration (probate).

Labor and Employment Law Representation:

We have experience in counseling and consultation on workplace issues such as employee layoffs, representation at negotiations, mediations, arbitrations, Veteran's preference hearings and unemployment hearings, and responding to the Department of Employment and Economic Development regarding requests for unemployment benefits.  We have also conducted employee misconduct investigations and training, as well as assisted Employers with drafting or revising employee handbooks, and drafting confidentiality/non-compete/non-solicitation agreements for new employees.

End-of-Life Planning and Estate Administration:

End-of-life planning is important to insure your wishes are accurately relayed to your family and friends.  We will assist you in identifying your wishes relating to the end of your life and place them in the proper legal format.  We handle basic estate planning, wills, trusts, healthcare directives, power of attorneys, TODDs, and probate matters.  We believe in making end-of-life planning affordable and available to everyone, so we offer a package price for a will, and/or trust, healthcare directive, and power of attorney.

General Information;

We tailor our legal services to meet your unique legal needs and have both fixed rate legal fees and hourly fees available depending on the type of case or circumstances.  Unlike other law firms, we never charge extra for copies, long-distance calls, mileage, faxes or postage.